The Golf club

A Golf club with a history.  The Neuenhof manor firstly went down in the pages of history when mentioned in the annals of the shire Mark in 1486 and is owned by the Schulze Neuhof family since 500 years.   The dynasti developed over the centuries from the original Schult van den Nienhave over thom Niggenhaefe and Schulte Niggenhoff to today’s Schulze Neuhoff. The present-day manor building originates from 1871 and was renovated by the Schulze Neuhoff family in 1967. After 7 years of planning and preparing, the GolfClub Neuenhof was founded on the 16th of May 1995 in the ambiance of the manor. Those congregated were the manager Eberhard Schulze Neuhoff, founding President Horst Helmut Hüser, Vice-President Dr. Klaus Schumacher, Karl Böhmer as first treasurer and Heinz Rosier as member of the advisory council.

The first members were affiliated in the middle of September during the openig of a provisional  6-hole golf course. Throughout the year 1996 one could play golf on 14 provisional golf courses. In May 1997 the final work was done on the 18-hole golfing site and this was inaugerated with a celebration. In August 1999 a festive opening followed together with the startup ot the futuristic-looking club house, which in the mean time has become a culinary center in the region.

Our golf course

Next to the sporting challenge and the exposure to your own body and spirit, golfing is a unique experience for your senses in the great outdoors. The sparkling dew, the singing birds, a sunset, a deer crossing, or simply the smell of a freshly mowed lawn are unique, esthetical experiences, which will inevitably give you, when on the golf course, a new feeling for the surrounding area. The chats with friends before and after the game, the culinaric pleasures in the restaurant or the visit to the bar are indispensable elements of a day of wellness. All this helps you forget that the sportive part of the golfing game quite often is submitted to considerable deviations of achievement.

We in GolfClub Gut Neuenhof, starting with the greenkeeping team, moving on to the catering, the Pro Shop, and the reception have commited ourselves fully to the idea of the „Leading Golf Courses“. It is our ambition, without ifs and buts, that members and guests can apply themselves to the enjoyment of their emotions and passions.  You and your well-being takes center stage for us. Please let yourself be spoiled on a high level and enjoy it with all yur senses.

The „LEADING GOLF COURSES OF GERMANY MEMBERSHIP CORPORATION“ is a quality and value association, which strives for the highest quality possible of the range of services offered on your courses. In order to be admitted to this exclusive group of the Leading Golf Courses, the applying golf club must undergo a strict quality testing. For a full year all areas of the golf club will be monitored, starting from the booking of the start time to the digestif in the club restaurant. Here you need friendly and competent employees who devote themselves wholeheartedly to the well-being of the player.

We only want the best – this is  the reason why several committees will decide on the final admittance: the test results of several players, the consent of the Leading Board of Affiliation and Quality and the consent of the Managing Board, who reserves the right first to give its irrevocable vote after having personally inspected the respective aspirant.  The admission allone does not suffice. We want to offer quality in perpetuity and therefore undergo these tests bi-annually to ensure that we keep the standards we claim to ourselves. The seal of quality of the Leading Golf Courses honours the golf club for ist ongoing aspiration to keep the quality on the highest level and guarantees the gold player pure golfing enjoyment on perfect 18 holes.

The priviledge of membership oft he Leading Golf Courses means an unfailing strive for perfection and above all using your eyes in order to make out the differences, which one does not see.

Thus both player and club gains day by day from everything that hides behind the seal of quality.